Application Sectors


parts in material suitable for food contact (FDA and MOCA), cutting tables for butchers, molds for cheese and hams, products for high temperature lines, conveyors and hoppers in metal detectable material (MD).


stars, contrasts, carousels, augers, injectors, profiles, details for transport and packaging systems. The main material is polyethylene (PE) also for systems that include washing plants and sanitizing.


we serve both small manufacturers of highly customized machines and large companies that work on repetitive machine models. We make transparent protections in PC or PMMA, rollers, bushings, standard and special profiles, diverters, drums, porter guide.


contrasts for dies, bottle guides, spacers, conveyors, gears, linings for hoppers, drums, protections. We use sterilizable materials suitable for contact with washing fluids.


coatings and parts made from solid for the galvanic sector, details in electric and chemically inert insulating material, valves, valve seats, pump bodies, impellers, special fittings, threaded nuts, design piping.


wire guide, filters, die-cutting tops for leathers, drive rollers, combs, flanged bushings, parts made to customer specifications in antistatic material, gears and toothed wheels made by the customer's sample (PA, POM).


components for clutches, sliding guides, molds for thermoforming, components for steering and pneumatic systems, bushings, pulleys, pulleys, bushings, bodywork covers, tray covers, rings, disks and washers of all sizes.


fenders in high density material (PE), pulleys and components for harbor cranes, machining for chip removal and construction of components in material resistant to the marine environment.


first equipment for fitters and spare parts for compactors repairers, collection systems and sweepers: skids in wear-resistant materials, slides, bushings, scrapers, bushes and half-bushings.


gears with straight or helical teeth, gears, pinions, cams. Realization based on the characteristics of the module and number of teeth or starting from the customer's sample.



components in high-tech plastic material resistant to high temperatures and super-light, chain guide shoes, chain tensioner shoes, rotors, caps, injectors, impellers, flanges. The applications in racing are the most varied, where it is necessary to reduce weights without losing the performance.