Finished Products

Teknik S.r.l. over the years has become a leader company in the machining plastic field starting from customer’s draws and needs.

Some examples: pumps for acid liquids, crane pads and shoes for cranes, PE stars, contrast and slides for bottling, special profiles, spare parts for bottling and packaging machines, valve seats for ball valves, plates support for cranes, special gears, racks and pinions.

We make all that the technology allows us to obtain.

  • Profiles, chain guides, slides, cams, stars, contrasts
  • Cutting plates for butcher’s shop and restaurants
  • Gears, racks, slides, wear-resistance devices, supports, wheels
  • Bushings, sliding blocks, profiles, supports, gears, washers
  • Outrigger support plates Tanks, valves, plants, pumps, bearings, insulators, wedges
  • Components for nautical, aerospace, railway, automotive and motorcyclist applications.

All parts are made from customer drawing