Who we are

Leader in CNC machining of thermoplastic thermosetting materials since 1983.


In a close synergy with our customer we realize a wide range of components. To obtain the best results we constantly innovate our machineries and our technologies.


We are able to support our customers even in the design phase, analyzing the drawing and choosing the best material for the final application. Our goal is to obtain the best result with a saving cost for the customer.


From prototypes to small/medium series we machine by chip removal the finish parts. Our semi-finished products can be sheets, blocks, rods and tubes.


Teknik srl is a green company. We do try to minimize our carbon footprint on our planet. 80% of the power is generated by solar panels. We also use regenerated materials and, according to our laws, we try to give to our scraps new life.



Our main goal is to guarantee full customer satisfaction, offering product quality and process efficiency to our customers. According to DNV standards and following the rules of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Teknik processes are in a constant improvement.
" Teknik reserves a strategic role for its Human Resources by guaranteeing continuous training capable of ensuring very high standards of professionalism and specialization. "



Materials and object in direct contact with food.
We are able to produce finish parts that, according to the EU n. 1935/2004, n. 10/2011 and subsequent amendments


Outrigger support plates

Outrigger support plates made in HDPE are tested in compression, shear and bending at the Politecnico of Milan. These plates can ensure the distribution of the load of cranes and lifting equipment and at the same time they are useful to preserve the ground (especially in historical city center with old floors).